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I create Bespoke Animated Explainer Videos for number of different sectors, small business and start-up companies who want to show their product or service to the world.


1) What is an Animated Explainer Video anyway?

An animated explainer video is pretty much as it says on the tin.  It’s a short and engaging animated video that explains your core message or describes your product in under a minute. 

It will tell your customers why they should care and often how to take the next step!  We also think they should be a thing of beauty which is a reflection of your brand.

In the world of video marketing, there are a lot of different options to choose from.

There are many different styles of explainer videos:

1) 2D animated Explainer video.

The most common explainer videos are illustration based in two – dimensional style. 

They normally includes colourful illustrations, illustrated characters, graphics and text.

With loads of software on the market designed to copy and paste the same graphics, many of the animated videos out there tend to look generic, boring and very similar to each other.

At AdaMotion I customise bespoke illustrations to your brand requirements and we think outside of the box so your business can stand out on the crowded web.

2) Collage / mixed media explainer video

A trend that is growing lately is a mix of different media to create a very modern and funky look explainer video.

This can include collections of photographs, illustrated graphic, live video footage, hand drawn animation and many more.

The possibilities are endless…

Screenshot examples from Collage / Mixed Media Explainer Videos created by ADAMOTION

3) Live footage and animation hybrid explainers

Using live-action videos or live-action elements mixed with animation is a great way to appeal to a wide audience.

These types of explainer videos come in all shapes and sizes, from simple presentation slides that include animation to full-fledged fusion designs.

This type of animation is made of slides with video backgrounds and animated elements on top. It’s a very classic approach to animation and it still grabs the viewer’s attention.

3) Conclusion

Animated Explainer Videos are a great way to get your message across to your audience in a completely unique and customised way.

Hopefully you can see from the above examples that there are a variety of explainer video formats you can use, from fully animated production to creative use of mixed media to create a unique video of your own.

If you would like to discuss some ideas for your own bespoke video, why not drop me a line and we can start developing some ideas for your next online campaign contact.

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