Make people click, like & share your message.

I work with brands focused on health and wellness  – turning your static posts into scroll-stopping dynamic content.

Make people click, like & share your message.

I work with brands focused on the Health, Fitness & Public Speaking helping them to shine on various platforms.

Short-form videos help boost your marketing strategy.

Adding video enhanced with motion graphics to your marketing strategy is a powerful way to make your content more effective. Motion engages and stops people scrolling by.

Your target market for health, wellness & fitness spends a lot of their time online exposed to a huge amount of content.

Short form video is a great way to, engage, educate and entertain your audience at each stage of the sales funnel.

Add motion to elevate the look and effectiveness of your content.

I help health & wellness brands by creating highly effective and engaging content using a combination of animated graphics, typography, video footage, photos and music.

I make your content more eye-catching and help you get more clicks, likes & shares!

Hi I’m Adriana!

I’m a Freelance Video Editor/Motion Designer – My passion lies in creating dynamic content for companies focused on the health, wellness & personal improvement. With a strong personal connection to personal growth. I’m dedicated to working with companies that share my values and vision.

More about me later..

What are short form videos?

Using a combination of videos, motion graphics, text, UGC content, photos and slick animation – Short Form videos are the most effective content form now and can be used for engaging social media ads, reels, bite-sized educational posts and calls-to-action.

Your Branding, Your Platforms

 Use it for IG Reels, Posts, Stories on any of your target platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. I incorporate your branding, logos, colours and language to make sure your content is easily identifiable with your brand.

Engage your audience

The audience demographic in the health, wellness & fitness industry favours dynamic content. Whether that’s educational, relatable, humorous & entertaining; the inclusion of motion content will resonate more deeply with this audience and earn their trust and loyalty.

Here are a few examples:

What are the benefits of Short Form Video for posts and ads?

There are plenty of reasons to create short form video for social media posts and ads. Let’s look at a few of them here:

Bring your message to life

Integrating video into your social media posts can make them more captivating and attention grabbing. Quality moving content can instantly grab the viewer’s attention and encourage them to stop scrolling. Not only that, motion based content holds attention for longer because it is more interesting and entertaining – making it a great way to educate, entertain or explain.

Tell your story & build stronger relationships

Dynamic content will help evolve your relationships with customers over time through the power of storytelling. By building a narrative you can create a deeper connection with your target audience and foster a stronger sense of loyalty.

Increase your following. Boost your sales.

Simply put, captivating short form video content is proven to get more engagement. It’s more effective at each stage of the social media sales funnel, from initial brand discovery, to building relationships, through to call to action.

What my clients say:

“Adriana’s exceptional creative abilities enriched the stories we were telling, resulting in an impactful and engaging viewer experience.”

Claudia Crusell-Balogh Founder & CEO – Carehubble

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Adriana and I would highly recommend her. I’m already looking forward to working together in the future.” 

Cora Muccitelli Brand Digital & Marketing Design – Inny Creative LTD 

Why work with me?

I plan, design and animate

I’m a designer and an animator, seamlessly blending the creative finesse of design with the dynamic storytelling capabilities of animation. You deal with only one person from concepting through to posting!

I'm better value than an agency

I operate as a freelancer so I don’t have the large overheads of an agency.  This means I offer you exceptional value – so you can post more!

I can manage everything for you

With a wide range of experience working for direct clients and leading agencies, I can manage everything making sure your campaign is a success, and taking a load of your shoulders. 

Great value, big impact, everything's covered.

Types of Posts / Ads & Platforms:

What's included:

Want to know more or just discuss your ideas?

Just get in touch and we can have a chat.

I’m friendly and it’s free!

Hi I'm Adriana!

More about me..

I’m freelance Video Editor / Motion Designer and Illustrator.

I’m passionate about creating visually engaging content that captivates and inspires my audience. With a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, I offer a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise.

I work closely with my clients to turn their ideas into impactful content, from concept to completion.

As a freelancer, I offer exceptional value and can create something from nothing that fits your specific needs and budget.

I'm confident you will get a great result if we work together. Find out more here:
A few common questions:

I have experience working with a range of companies, both directly and with creative agencies so I have a great understanding of the production process. I have a particular interest in healthcare and wellness, having completed a number of projects in this industry.

I’m based between the UK and Italy, but I’m used to working with clients from all over the world. In fact that’s one of the favourite things about my job is to meet people from all over the world. I’ve worked with a number of companies in Canada and the US in the healthcare and wellness industries, and even a company in Australia.

Get started with your dynamic content

I’m confident we can create something amazing together! Find out more here  

Animated  social media content:

Contact me about anything else:


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