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Why you should be using Custom Animated Product Videos.

A great way to explain your product or service is with a custom animated product video which present your message in a simple and engaging way that your audience can understand.

If you have a great new product, software, or app you want to share with your audience, it can be difficult in this distracted world to get your message noticed, let alone heard.

The unfortunate reality is; people simply don’t have the time or patience to read your complex description.

It can be difficult to capture your prospect’s attention long enough to get your message across and leave a lasting good impression about your brand.  It’s a question of engagement.  We are all competing for our customer’s engagement in a busy online World.

engagement animated product video
Animated Product Videos Boost Engagement

Animated product explainer videos are one of the most powerful customer engagement tools in modern internet marketing. 

They can be an extremely cost-effective way to communicate your message to your audience.

Let’s say you are a start-up, or you are launching a new product to your audience, but you don’t have the budget for a film crew, advertising agency or other large firm, animated product explainer videos can be an economical way to be heard.

Our videos are designed completely from scratch. Unlike the many drag and drop animation providers you will find online, we aim to create an outstanding, artistic and custom piece that is worthy of your brand.

Why are Custom animated product videos so effective?

Research has shown that animated video content receives 80% more engagement compared to static content.  Also, did you know Google absolutely loves them?  Dynamic content ranks much higher in SEO results, which means more free organic leads for your business.

SEO custom animated product video
Animated Product Videos are a Great way to boost organic SEO results

Video content is also the most popular medium on social media platforms.

They are colourful, modern, and entertaining.  For this reason, they are a great way to stand out from the crowd in the online World.  

One major advantage of animated videos, is you don’t need a film crew, there’s no need to hire actors and there’s no requirement to organise locations or other complicated logistics.

At ADAMotion we create professional bespoke designs at a cost that you can afford.  Something completely unique which complements your branding while delivering your message.

Some Facts about Video Engagement:

Animated product videos educate and convert

The majority of people are visual learners, while visual information is processed up to 60,000 times faster than text.

In a world where it seems everything is measured in terms of engagement, custom animated product videos are a tool you can hardly do without. They can be deployed to great effect on many of the most popular platforms across the internet where your customers hang out, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and your own website, to name a few.

Research has shown videos on landing pages can increase conversions by a whopping 86%


By using a combination of voice, text, graphics and sound effects you can really send home your message in a way not possible on other mediums.

Research has shown videos on landing pages can increase conversions by a whopping 86%.  Can you afford to do without them?

How Affordable are Custom animated product videos?

Prices for Animated Product Videos vary widely on the internet, much like the quality of the final product.  Large agencies prices can start from around $7000 upwards, putting them out of reach for many smaller brands.

Cheap options are available on the internet, but often they will result in very generic and low quality product which can reflect poorly on your brand, or at least not have the impact & conversion rates you require.

Costs for Animated Product Videos can vary widely, just like quality..

At ADAMOTION I create highly attractive bespoke designs at an affordable cost, without compromising quality, which I think will be befitting of your product or service.  

Unlike the large agencies with lots of staff and overheads, I am a small business just like yours.  I understand your needs.  For this reason I can provide a highly cost effective yet unique and impactful customized video for your brand.

For more information about the process of creating an animated product video – check out this post.

Start producing your affordable Custom animated product video

Let’s start producing your animated video today; one tells your story, and speaks to your customer.

Being an artist and designer, I can create beautiful original artwork assets for your animation, or bring the artwork you provide to life. 

I work with professional voice over artists and script writers while I can provide professional music and sound effects.  By appealing to multiple senses and delivering a beautiful design you will leave a lasting impression on your customer.

Send me an email and tell me about your project. I’ll happily give you a free quote or answer your questions about how I can present your message in a completely unique and awesome way.

I will give you some ideas and have a chat so you can quickly decide if I am the right fit for your brand and project.

I look forward to hearing more about how I can help you succeed with your brand

Want to know more?

Let's have a chat and discuss some ideas

Send me an email, let us answer your questions and lets create a plan for what you want to achieve.  We’ll create a timeline and budget that matches your requirements.


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