Pricing! How much to create your masterpiece?

So how much do you charge to make an animated explainer or product video? 

How much to produce animated explainer video

The Lowdown

Research has shown that having an animated video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.  And they can look oh so modern on the internet if done right. So creating your own masterpiece can be outstanding value.  But there are a lot of things that go into pricing the production of a video accurately.  To find out more about how pricing works – check out this useful post here: How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

At AdaMotion

I am a freelance but I am big on ideas. I manage the process of creating your ideal animated video from start to finish including the following processes:

  • Consultation where I establish your goals and strategy for this production, where you want to display your media and who you want to target. Then we come up with your plan.
  • Creating an engaging script with impact to tell your story
  • Creating a storyboard where I develop the direction and ensure the time spent on creating your bespoke animation delivers the desired result.
  • Creating a rich visual style with original illustrations tailored to your brand
  • Professional voice over artist using the best voice (or language) for your video.
  • Stock music and sound effects to complement the action
  • Of course the magic part – animation of everything to create the impact.

I am a freelance but I have established relationships with some amazing professionals in a variety of creative fields, meaning I can cost effectively produce your masterpiece and get the results you are aiming for no matter your goals. 

I want to make sure you stand out – not blend in!

As every project is different while your goals, length and quality of your piece are unique to you, it’s difficult to list prices online.

But I promise to provide fantastic value for money!  To get your no obligation free quote – reach out today: contact me


Want to know more?

Start creating your very own Animated video

Send me an email, let me answer your questions and lets create a plan for what you want to achieve.  I’ll create a timeline and budget that matches your requirements.


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