How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

From $0 to $35,000 - confused? I break it down here

So how much does an explainer video or an animated video actually cost?

You’ve had a quick search on the web and discovered prices anywhere from near free (do it yourself drag & drop) up to maybe $35,000 for the very best and most famous agencies in the World working for the biggest and most famous brands.  So what gives?

Don’t fear – I attempt to break it down here so you can make a more informed choice.

So what do you actually pay for?

The process of creating an animated explainer video can vary widely, along with the quality and complexity.

In the end it comes down to your goals in terms of the impact and result you want to receive.  Also the quality you want to portray, which is a direct reflection of your brand.

If you are looking for something to have longevity and be the face of your product or brand – it’s worth producing something unique and beautiful.  After all, you wouldn’t hire a salesman for your company who wore a cheap and ugly suit?

The key thing to remember is that illustrating and creating a bespoke animated video from scratch is very time consuming, computer power intensive, and requires a lot of skill.  While illustrating your bespoke characters and artistic assets from scratch can take a lot of time and talent.

After effects screen shot
Custom animation is a complex and time consuming process

In a sense it’s a choice between a team of specialist artists, a single generalist artist or simply a technician using stock artistic assets in the most basic productions.

Below I try to break down the different prices and why they vary so much, what you get, and exactly what value I can offer you at AdaMotion.

Spoiler alert: I think here at AdaMotion I offer a unique proposition of great value while offering beautiful bespoke animated video productions which stand out.  Read on to learn why or skip to the section on AdaMotion.

Lets look at the options

1) Do It Yourself Animation - The drag and Drop Variety

There are some great options out there for whipping up a basic animated video yourself.  Bear in mind though, that even the most simple solutions will take some time to learn the ropes.

If you are time rich and cash poor, this may be a good way to go.  Generally these options are good for producing a series of educational information videos, such as when you are building a Youtube channel on a specific topic which requires you to consistently churn out educational content.

The style won’t be as visually pleasing as a bespoke professional video, and the videos will most likely look like many others on the internet, but if you’re not concerned about creating the ‘wow’ impression this may be ok.

They may not be so great for brand building or visual impact, but generally you are educating with information so it’s the quality of information which is most important.

As you’re doing this yourself this can be a very cheap option.

Some software options include: Powtoon, Vyond, Toonly

2) AdaMotion /Freelancer - I fit somewhere around here

I am a freelancer but I am big on ideas. I manage the process of creating your ideal animated video from start to finish including the following processes:

  • Consultation where we establish your goals and strategy for this production, where you want to display your media and who you want to target. Then we come up with your plan.
  • Creating an engaging script with impact to tell your story
  • Creating a storyboard we share with you to develop the direction and ensure the time spent on creating your bespoke animation delivers the desired result.
  • Creating a rich visual style with textures and bespoke animations
  • Professional voice over artist using the best voice (or language) for your video.
  • Stock music and sound effects to complement the action
  • Of course the magic part – animation of everything to create the impact.
I am a freelancer but I have established relationships with some amazing professionals in a variety of creative fields, meaning I can cost effectively produce your masterpiece and get the results you are aiming for no matter your goals. 
I want to make sure you stand out – not blend in.

As every project is different while your goals, length and quality of your piece are unique to you, it’s difficult to list prices online.  

But I promise to provide fantastic value for money!  To get your no obligation free quote – reach out today: contact 

3) The Large Creative Agencies - If you've got the dosh!

We arrive at the most expensive option, the large animation or creative companies otherwise know as agencies. 

There are some amazing agencies out there, working for the biggest and most valuable brands in the world.  In reality some agencies produce some really amazing videos, using large teams of full time creatives to produce a single piece.  They also have prices to match, with some companies quoting prices starting from $7000 for a very short and basic piece, to $35,000 and up for a mere 60s video.

Generally these companies are marketing their services to the very biggest brands in the world with advertising budgets that won’t sneeze at such figures.

Now if you have the budget for that, then fantastic, there are some great ones to choose!  If you are still reading though I presume you are looking for something more affordable. 

That’s why at AdaMotion I pride myself on working with small businesses and startups, providing them bespoke animations with impact that they can afford.

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